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• We provide GIS Solutions, innovative contract programming, training and database services to a wide section of governmental and commercial clients. We are specialized in design, development, and implementation of data processing systems.

• Our customer driven approach is focused on providing complete solutions for each of our market segments.

Our Methodology

• Our professionals work extensively with emerging technologies for improving our processes for meeting client requirements, increasing productivity and delivering Quality. We work with our clients as partners for building success solutions for them.
• We assist our clients in understanding the full potential of GIS. With our deep understanding of GIS technology, we help our clients in harnessing the power of GIS for enhancing their Productivity and Quality.
• We provide cost effective solutions directed towards efficient use of digital mapping for solving specific business problems for meeting desired goals of the organization
Our Mission for our clients:
  • 1. To provide a full range of consulting services in the information systems field.
  • 2. To provide the highest quality performance and reliability.
  • 3. To provide our services in the most cost effective way possible

  • Our technology derivatives :

    We strive to keep abreast of the latest in technology through constant technology up gradation, training and development. We strive to exploit new technologies towards achieving better quality and productivity in our solutions and operations We provide solutions to business, industrial, government and scientific problems through advanced technology applications, knowledge engineering, information systems, and consultancy services.

    Our core competence is GIS services and the key activities we provide are as follows:

    •GIS is a sophisticated system that allows you to map, search, compare and analyze real world data. By placing household, business, topographic or any preferred data accurately on a map, you grasp the greater picture and spatial context of your information. GIS is a valuable asset to any business, organization, market, and industry or government operation. GIS allows you to effectively deal with issues such as productivity, demographics, site selection, conservation, risk management, tourism planning, market research, real estate development, environmental analysis, economic forecasting, retail marketing, industrial analysis, recreation or urban studies.


    • Raster registration
    • Geo-referencing & Mosaicking
    • Conversion
    • Contouring and creation of DEM / DTM
    • Query generation
    • Cartograms & thematic mapping
    • Geometric Corrections to Satellite Imagery
    • Noise Removal and Enhancement of Imageries
    • Imagery Interpretation and Classification
    • Land Cover Map generation from Remote Sensing Data
    • Map based applications such as Route Navigation, Optimum Distance Calculation, Capacity Planning (for Dams) etc
    • Customized solutions

    • We have a strong team of surveyors proficient in handling instruments like GPS, Differential GPS and Total Stations. We are in association with various sub agencies which provide efficient service in the field of Total Station survey, etc GPS provides accurate three dimensional positioning information of features that may be displayed on maps. GPS is unaffected by rain, wind or reduced sunlight and provides accurate surveying and mapping results rapidly.

    • Accurate geographically-referenced data is vital to effective planning, mapping and development. Our experienced and state of art equipment provides high degree of accuracy.
    • Development of Base Map through GPS Survey
    • Collection of Ground Control Points
    • Mapping of district, village, Mouza boundaries with the help of GPS systems.
    • Topographical Survey

    We provide a wide range of CAD related services like CAD conversion, CAD drafting, Conversion of manual drawings to CAD, GIS mapping services, Architectural drafting, etc. We offer GIS mapping services to go along with our CAD drafting services. We can perform digitization / data extraction & attachment to all types of maps with the help of CAD.

    • Our range of CAD related services include:
    • CAD consultancy services – Our staff can support the use of CAD solutions in your organization according to your valuable need.
    • Paper to CAD - We offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on.
    • CAD and GIS – CAD may be effectively used in Vectorisation and Digitization of Structural, Architectural, Engineering, Civil, Construction etc.

    Our training activities include:

    1. Basic Training on Standard GIS Software Package.
    2. Concepts of GPS / DGPS Survey.
    3. Advanced GIS Training on Web GIS and GIS Development.
    4. Training on Remote Sensing concepts and Standard Image Processing Software.
    5. Basic Training on CAD Software.
    6. In House Training Facility.
    7. Corporate Training at Customer’s Place.

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